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False mine training qualifications

Monday, February 10, 2014.

A report in the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin claims that there may be an unknown number of Queensland mining workers operating under false qualifications allegedly handed out by a training organisation.

This is currently a police matter and is still to go before the courts.

The issuing of fraudulent certificates may have a direct safety impact in relation to the management of risk at your mine site.


  • Check training records and assess exposure to the possibility of fraudulent qualifications issued by training providers. This may include but not be limited to checking the registration of the organisation providing your training and the accreditation of the courses being provided.
  • Ensure any risks arising from this matter are being effectively managed at your mine site.
  • Inform the Inspectorate of any anomalies detected in relation to this matter. This will assist the Inspectorate to participate in a proactive response, according to the nature and size of the risk.

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